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Teslong Wifi Borescope

Teslong Wifi Borescope

The Teslong NTG150W 36-inch flexible rifle borescope, gun cleaning camera with LED lights, and WiFi Connectivity. Works with iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows & MacBook Via WiFi or USB.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - With an innovative close-focusing camera, this Teslong digital borescope will help you inspect the inside of your rifle barrel. This is a great tool to evaluate cleanliness, throat erosion, tool marks, rifling wear, chamber damage, and fouling. Assess your cleaning regimen or diagnose firearm problems to SAVE time and money!

LONGER AND FLEXIBLE - This 36-inch-long borescope is longer and more flexible, making it ideal for inspecting the barrels of long guns.

FITS .20 CALIBER AND LARGER - The 0.2-inch diameter probe fits easily into rifle barrels as small as .20 caliber. The 36-inch-long probe is longer than most rifles so you do not need to switch from barrel to muzzle to fully inspect the bore.

SIDE VIEW MIRROR - This gun borescope includes an adjustable, detachable, 90° side-view mirror. You can check the barrel wall, or remove it to examine the firing point. Includes 3 mirrors in case you lose or break one!

LED RING LIGHT - Six LED lights are adjustable for brightness and give the camera a perfect view of the darkest inspection areas.

WI-FI CONNECTIVITY - Use the included wireless WiFi adapter to connect to any mobile device wirelessly, or remove the adapter and connect to a computer via USB. View or record, images or video, from your rifle barrel to consult with professionals remotely.

    R2 800,00Price